As part of Onions Australia’s commitment to keeping all sectors of the industry fully briefed and up to date, a series of podcasts have been developed to ensure even those of you on the go can access the latest information. Listen while you’re in the car, on the tractor or doing book work at home!

Secret Serve – What is it?

Get an insight in to the first specialised marketing campaign by the Australian onion industry, ‘The Secret Serve’.

Secret Serve – Campaign Components

Find out how the campaign was rolled out in 2016.

Secret Serve – Get Involved!

Hear how growers can get involved in the campaign and how to create brand awareness.

Foodbank Donations

Listen to the story of a valued collaboration between one of South Australia’s most respected onion growers and not-for-profit Foodbank SA.

Bee Pest Surveillance

Find out more about Plant Health Australia’s Bee Pest Surveillance program and the recommendations that have been made as a result of the work.

Industry Biosecurity

Listen to the story of industry stalwart Steve Rathjen and how the importance of biosecurity has become a career focus.

Onion Rust

Learn more about Queensland-led research that’s developed a rapid molecular test that can differentiate different types of onion rust.


Listen to the latest on new hybrid onion varieties that are resistant to pink root.

Disease Poster

Find out more about the Onion Disease Identification Poster (now available for download).

State Round Up

Find out how each onion growing state fared in the 2015-16 season.

Onion White Rot Model

Get the latest on a new research project that aims to produce an onion white rot forecast tool for Tasmanian growers.

Mike Rettke

An interview with Mike Rettke from SAARDI about his research in to onion stunt.