Executive committee

The executive committee of Onions Australia is made up of members from all areas within the onion industry, including growers, agronomists, packing representatives, and seed representatives.

Executive committee members, including the chairperson and deputy chairperson are elected by vote at the annual general meeting.

The executive committee meets up to 4 times a year. Face to face meetings are held in May and October and teleconferences are held in February and August.

Positions on the executive committee are volunteer and phone and travel costs are not covered by Onions Australia. This demonstrates that the people on the executive committee are solely dedicated to the betterment of the onion industry.

Darren Rathjen (chair)

Alan Thierry (deputy chair)

Tim Groom

Greg Bragg

Dean Metcalf

Lewis Lydon

Rohan Shadbolt

Pete Shadbolt

Mark Dobson

Jason Daniell