As part of Onions Australia’s commitment to keeping all sectors of the industry fully briefed and up to date, a series of podcasts have been developed to ensure even those of you on the go can access the latest information. Listen while you’re in the car, on the tractor or doing book work at home!

Michael Sims

University of Tasmania Academic Lead Michael Sims talks about the the levy-funded onion industry horticulture masterclass and the opportunities it brings to staff and the broader industry.

Peter Ivankovich

Ivankovich Farms owner Peter Ivankovich talks about his involvement in the Hort Innovation funded project “A strategic approach to weed management for the Australian vegetable industry” and the adoption of robotic technology in the packing shed.

David McKinna

Onion Export Strategy project lead Dr David McKinna talks us through the new strategy, providing key insights into how it will help guide the industry’s export development investment decisions for the next five years.

iMapPESTS program

Today we are talking about the iMapPESTS program. Providing insight into this cross-industry program of research, development and extension for plant pest surveillance is AUSVEG engagement and adoption co-ordinator for iMapPESTS Shakira Johnson and SARDI plant pathologist Dr Rohan Kimber.

Ian Locke

Onions Australia caught up with Ian Locke, Export Facilitator for the Tasmanian Fruit & Vegetable Export Facilitation Group to hear more about the work the group is doing to identify and facilitate export opportunities for Tasmanian onion growers. Listen to the latest project developments here!

Chanel Day

Listen to this interview with Chanel Day, Associate Director, Analytics at Nielsen for the latest on Hort Innovation’s Harvest to Home online dashboard, which includes all the data, insights and consumer trends reflecting the onions industry.

Lewis Lydon

Hear from the 2018 Reg Miller Award Winner, Lewis Lydon on what winning this award means to him, and his work as the Crop Breeding Manager for Enza Zaden’s Onion Breeding Program.

Peter Shadbolt

Listen to an interview with Onions Australia Chairman Peter Shadbolt giving an update on this year’s new election system, the new Executive Committee which was announced at the 2018 AGM and an overview of the 2018 Conference which occurred in Ulverstone recently.

Tim Groom

Find out more about the Tasmanian onion season, and the beneficial work being carried out by the Tasmanian Onion Agronomy Group through this interview with Chairman of the group, Tim Groom.

Caroline Graham

Onions Australia caught up with Caroline Graham, WHS Manger and Key Director of Safe Ag Systems, a software product with an accompanying app designed specifically for farmers to help them comply with WHS legislation. Listen here for Caroline’s insights into managing safety on farm and hear more about the Safe Ag System software.

Dr Fred Crowe

Dr Fred Crowe was the guest speaker at the 2018 Conference held in Ulverstone in October. Dr Crowe retired in 2007 as Emeritus Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology at the Oregon State University. He now serves as a consultant on garlic, onions, carrots, peppermint and other crops, and his main clients are large Western US-based garlic and onion companies together with many small garlic producers both domestically and internationally. Listen to his insights on Allium White Rot research activities in the US.

Sam Turner

Listen to this interview with Hort Innovation’s Onion Grower Relationship Manager, Sam Turner for the latest on the development of the Onion Export Strategy, and why it’s an important time for the industry to be focusing on export opportunities.

Peter Sullivan

The onion industry is bracing for the impact of Bayer’s recent decision to pull its broadleaf weed control product ‘Totril’ from the market. Bayer’s Horticulture Marketing Manager Peter Sullivan addressed the OA Levy Payer Day in June 2018 and answered a few questions after the session.

Louis de Kock

Louis de Kock from Wildeklawer Farms in South Africa was the guest speaker at the 2018 Levy Payer Day held in Brisbane on June 18. Listen here to his insights on the need for innovative and creative business acumen, and his biosecurity advice to Australian onion growers.

Jenny Van de Meeberg

Listen to this interview with Hort Innovation’s Trade Manager, Jenny Van de Meeberg, for the latest on the development of the Onion Export Strategy, and why it’s an important time for the horticulture industry to capitalise on export opportunities.

Dr Paul Horne

Listen to Dr Paul Horne explain what the five year Hort Innovation project ‘IPM extension program for the potato and onion industries (MT16009) hopes to achieve.

Onions Strategic Investment Plan

The SIP is now endorsed and officially in place to guide the onion industry over the next five years. Listen here to find out more about the plan and hear what key industry figures think about it.

SA exclusion zone lifted

As of October 3rd, 2017, South Australia was officially considered onion smut free! Listen hear to learn more about the process from infection to area freedom.

David Gale

At the recent Onions Australia AGM, the Executive were briefed on the Onion Industry Biosecurity Plan and Manual that’s being developed by Plant Health Australia as part of a Hort Innovation funded project. Listen to this interview with PHA Project Manager, David Gale, for the latest on the creation of these critical industry documents.

Dr Bill Dean

An interview with Dr Bill Dean from River Point Farms in the US about responding to the challenges of climate change.

Jacob Wiskerke

Onions Australia caught up with Jacob Wiskerke of Wiskerke Onions in the Netherlands. Listen to him talk about the key factors to Holland’s success – delineation between packers and growers, getting the price right, and reducing logistical costs.

R&D update – detection & management of bacterial diseases in Australian allium crops

Hear the latest on this research project funded by Hort Innovation using the onion research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government.

R&D Update – Development of an onion white rot forecast model for Tasmania

Hear the latest on this research project funded by Hort Innovation using the onion research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government.

Exotic Disease Poster 2018

Onions Australia has once again supported the development of a disease identification poster, this time with a focus on exotics.

Mike Rettke

An interview with Mike Rettke from SAARDI about his research in to onion stunt.

Developing channels for exporting Aussie onions

Listen to find out more about Hort Innovation’s plans to developed a specialised export marketing plan for the onion industry.

Industry Biosecurity Manual Released

Find out more about the industry first biosecurity manual now available to onion growers.

Secret Serve Marketing Update 2017

Hear the latest on the Secret Serve campaign, now in to its second year of activities.

State Round Up

Find out how each onion growing state fared in the 2015-16 season.


Leading Australian onion grower Frank Mitolo is encouraging onion growers to become involved in Foodbank by donating product on a regular basis. Listen hear for more on Foodbank!

Andrew Moon

Hear from 2016 Reg Miller Award Winner, Andrew Moon on what winning this award means to him.

Onion Rust

Learn more about Queensland-led research that’s developed a rapid molecular test that can differentiate different types of onion rust.


Listen to the latest on new hybrid onion varieties that are resistant to pink root.

Industry Biosecurity

Listen to the story of industry stalwart Steve Rathjen and how the importance of biosecurity has become a career focus.

Bee Pest Surveillance

Find out more about Plant Health Australia’s Bee Pest Surveillance program and the recommendations that have been made as a result of the work.

Disease Poster

Find out more about the Onion Disease Identification Poster (now available for download).

Secret Serve – Get Involved!

Hear how growers can get involved in the campaign and how to create brand awareness.

Onion White Rot Model

Get the latest on a new research project that aims to produce an onion white rot forecast tool for Tasmanian growers.

Secret Serve – Campaign Components

Find out how the campaign was rolled out in 2016.